Monday, December 10, 2012

Swimming into Shape

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 0730 my Mother and I get into the pool at the YMCA and swim our little hearts out!! 

We decided over a month ago that we wanted to get into shape.  We didn't want to wait until New Years Eve and start our resolutions then, we wanted to start them asap.  Over a month ago we started swimming into shape!!!

Lets talk about starting something new. There is so much unknown.  In high school I was on a swim team for both my school and the university club.  I have been out of high school for 10 years (wow..) and I have swam laps... yeah... 10 years ago.  AND I was good at swimming.
  My favorite race was the 500 meter!

Well... ten years later... I probably couldn't swim 500 meters...

I was winded!!

I feel like.  "I could have done this... why is it so hard."

So before I fell for that trap.  My mom and I decided to come up with a plan.  My plan was... I will swim 10 laps and next week I will swim 11 laps, etc.

I can already see a difference.

Now, the weight is not falling off... I can't see it in my pants lol.  I can see it in the pool.  I swam 18 laps the other day... and I was so proud of myself. Yes, That is a half mile!!!

I can feel it in my lugs.  

I take less breaks!!

I have started to jazz up my exercises by resting for 30 seconds and swimming my heart out!! Repeat.

What use to feel like it would never end, some days I leave the pool saying.. "that wasn't bad!" or "That went quick".  Even if I was in the pool the same amount of time!!

Now school is out, I think I want to amp it up!!

A:  Monday thur Friday same distances 
B: Longer workouts on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. 
ANY Thoughts?!

I also wanted to tell you about this equipment I fell in love with!!! 

1. Waterproof apple shuffle.. yes they didn't have this 10 years ago.  Swimming with music (like anything with music) is motivating!
2. Kick board and flippers... It might feel like cheating because you are flying with flippers BUT I have learned it gives your legs a more intense workout!
3. Hand Paddles... to work out those arms!!
4. Cap... Need to keep your hair undamaged, also needed to keep headphones in, ha!
5. Microfiber Towels... wipes away the water!! (Also makes me feel professional)
6. Most importantly!! Super Cute Pink bag to hold everything!! 

I have found it easier to keep up with how many laps you do if you say 4 freestyle, 4 hand paddles, 4 kick, repeat!