Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's Catch Up!!!!

Hey all- I obviously need to learn how to manage my time to allow time to blog. I have been busy with the holiday but I am proud to say... I am 2 gifts away from being done Christmas Shopping!! Yes you read that right... DONE and it's not even DECEMBER!!!  So maybe I can spend time in December working on the blog :)

So here is what you missed, picked out a few favorite pictures:

Before and After Picture of the Color Me Rad Race!!!

Patrick and I cleaned up after the me Color Me Rad, on the way to the Navy Ball

Happy Birthday to Me!!! 
My mother made the amazing cake to the right!!! My favorite cake design!!

Took my brother's son, Fletcher, to the Pumpkin Patch!!

Happy Halloween!! Found this on pinterest, so much harder than it looked!!

Took Patrick to show him Oxford Mississippi!! Go Rebels!!

Showed him my soroity house! Love the new paint job :)

 Then finally Thanksgiving!!!!

Miss you guys! Promised to update more often! OOOOOR I'll see you in a few months, lol. JK!