Thursday, October 4, 2012

Motivation... Lacking!

You know how it is... when you are on a roll... you have list and you are knocking things off of it.  So what happens when you fall off the ball?!? When you stop rolling... when the list start getting longer instead of shorter... when the projects feel overwhelming?? I know a trip in the middle of the semester was a bad idea... but it is what I had to do to have a "good" year in the Navy... and now I worried about having a "good" year in the University... I have lost all motivation.  Where do I go to find motivation?!?

How do I get back on the roll?? 

I need motivation... oh and coffee isn't working... any ideas?!

Today is a my friend's birthday!!! She helped me pull through sleepless nights studying for the FE Exam (which we both passed), she is always there to vent over wine, and she is amazing...I love her... sooooo

Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend!!!

Ms. Leslie with her pup Mr. Manning!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So, I traveled to Bahrain for the Navy... can I just say what a trip!!!  I had a blast getting my hands dirty working overseas.  It was so hot over there and surprisingly it got dark around 6pm maybe even closer to 5pm..  It was weird... and did I mention hot!  I wish I had a chance to get more pictures... I took my nice camera and everything but got stuck taking photos on the iphone in a moving vehicle. Ha! So here are a few pictures from Bahrain!

 This is the hotel pool... I of course didn't see this until the last day :)

 This is a bridge they were working on. 
I took the picture bc it was so weird seeing the construction

While I was over there I did get a virus and I  got really sick.  I spent a couple of days locked inside the hotel room... ugh.  It was awful being sick overseas...  They gave me a shot :(  I had a temp over 102... They also gave me 5 different medications... thankfully they wrote the directions on the bottle it was hard to keep up with.

Lol- but at least I had breakfast in bed :) The flight back was the longest flight of my life... 17 hours on a plane.  I am soooo glad to back in the states... Although I am currently sick again because I came home to a sick husband and I caught whatever he had... Hopefully I will get into a routine with the blog.

This week I am getting down HALLOWEEN!!!  I have pictures of the Warrior Dash my husband signed us up for the day after I got back.  (talk about painful) and I will have pictures of this weekend, we have the Color Me Rad 5k and a Ball (not the Navy Ball that is the following week) It will be fun, keep you posted!