Monday, December 10, 2012

Swimming into Shape

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 0730 my Mother and I get into the pool at the YMCA and swim our little hearts out!! 

We decided over a month ago that we wanted to get into shape.  We didn't want to wait until New Years Eve and start our resolutions then, we wanted to start them asap.  Over a month ago we started swimming into shape!!!

Lets talk about starting something new. There is so much unknown.  In high school I was on a swim team for both my school and the university club.  I have been out of high school for 10 years (wow..) and I have swam laps... yeah... 10 years ago.  AND I was good at swimming.
  My favorite race was the 500 meter!

Well... ten years later... I probably couldn't swim 500 meters...

I was winded!!

I feel like.  "I could have done this... why is it so hard."

So before I fell for that trap.  My mom and I decided to come up with a plan.  My plan was... I will swim 10 laps and next week I will swim 11 laps, etc.

I can already see a difference.

Now, the weight is not falling off... I can't see it in my pants lol.  I can see it in the pool.  I swam 18 laps the other day... and I was so proud of myself. Yes, That is a half mile!!!

I can feel it in my lugs.  

I take less breaks!!

I have started to jazz up my exercises by resting for 30 seconds and swimming my heart out!! Repeat.

What use to feel like it would never end, some days I leave the pool saying.. "that wasn't bad!" or "That went quick".  Even if I was in the pool the same amount of time!!

Now school is out, I think I want to amp it up!!

A:  Monday thur Friday same distances 
B: Longer workouts on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. 
ANY Thoughts?!

I also wanted to tell you about this equipment I fell in love with!!! 

1. Waterproof apple shuffle.. yes they didn't have this 10 years ago.  Swimming with music (like anything with music) is motivating!
2. Kick board and flippers... It might feel like cheating because you are flying with flippers BUT I have learned it gives your legs a more intense workout!
3. Hand Paddles... to work out those arms!!
4. Cap... Need to keep your hair undamaged, also needed to keep headphones in, ha!
5. Microfiber Towels... wipes away the water!! (Also makes me feel professional)
6. Most importantly!! Super Cute Pink bag to hold everything!! 

I have found it easier to keep up with how many laps you do if you say 4 freestyle, 4 hand paddles, 4 kick, repeat!


Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Friday!!!

My Husband got back into town last night!!

My Father, who works out of town, will be home this weekend!!
My Brother gets his baby for the weekend!!


So needless to say, EVERYONE IS IN TOWN!!!!

First order of business... Christmas Card Pictures!!! 

Lets back up... First order of business give my little nephew kisses!!! 
Then pictures!!


Run/Walk Jingle Bell 5k with Mr. Darcy and Patrick!!
Christmas Card Pictures
Finish the Christmas decorations/gifts wrap
Work on Final Project!


Christmas Movie with Popcorn!!
Getting Ready for another action packed week!

I am trying to think of goals for the Christmas break.  I have to finish knitting my cousin's scarf and then I am project free.  Maybe learn how to put up crown molding.  FUN!!

Everyone Have A Great Weekend!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Patrick's Gone Quick Get Christmas Out!!

My Christmas humbug is at a conference for work!!!  I have tried for many years to get him in the spirit of Christmas. I have bought the cutest Christmas Kate Spade plates, Santa Martini Glasses, Santa Christmas mugs for coffee/hot coco, new drink recipes, peppermint bark, cookies, more candy and that man... still doesn't get in the mood.  Sooo, while he is awhile, I will be play Christmas Music and watch Christmas Movies all while I am getting the condo ready for Christmas!!!!!

Yet To Do

1. Tree - it's lite already just have to hang all the ornaments
2. Outside - Have to get the outside garland down from the attic and decorate
3. Card/Pictures - Have to get my Christmas Cards together, find a few year favorite pictures to put together!
4. Presents Wrapped - I am 80% done with this task!!! I only have one more gift to buy... which I can take care of right now!!! 
5. Stuff the stockings - Gifts for the kids (Mr. Darcy and Georgie and Patrick)
6. Go to the Store for last minute Kitchen supplies for cookies!!!

Patrick might be gone for only 3 days but by the time he gets back he won't know what hit him... maybe he will be so excited I will catch him humming a Christmas song :)

Everyone - The count down to Christmas has begun!!!! Try to enjoy everyday because this month always flies by and before you know it we have to plan the New Year Eve Party!!!! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's Catch Up!!!!

Hey all- I obviously need to learn how to manage my time to allow time to blog. I have been busy with the holiday but I am proud to say... I am 2 gifts away from being done Christmas Shopping!! Yes you read that right... DONE and it's not even DECEMBER!!!  So maybe I can spend time in December working on the blog :)

So here is what you missed, picked out a few favorite pictures:

Before and After Picture of the Color Me Rad Race!!!

Patrick and I cleaned up after the me Color Me Rad, on the way to the Navy Ball

Happy Birthday to Me!!! 
My mother made the amazing cake to the right!!! My favorite cake design!!

Took my brother's son, Fletcher, to the Pumpkin Patch!!

Happy Halloween!! Found this on pinterest, so much harder than it looked!!

Took Patrick to show him Oxford Mississippi!! Go Rebels!!

Showed him my soroity house! Love the new paint job :)

 Then finally Thanksgiving!!!!

Miss you guys! Promised to update more often! OOOOOR I'll see you in a few months, lol. JK!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Motivation... Lacking!

You know how it is... when you are on a roll... you have list and you are knocking things off of it.  So what happens when you fall off the ball?!? When you stop rolling... when the list start getting longer instead of shorter... when the projects feel overwhelming?? I know a trip in the middle of the semester was a bad idea... but it is what I had to do to have a "good" year in the Navy... and now I worried about having a "good" year in the University... I have lost all motivation.  Where do I go to find motivation?!?

How do I get back on the roll?? 

I need motivation... oh and coffee isn't working... any ideas?!

Today is a my friend's birthday!!! She helped me pull through sleepless nights studying for the FE Exam (which we both passed), she is always there to vent over wine, and she is amazing...I love her... sooooo

Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend!!!

Ms. Leslie with her pup Mr. Manning!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So, I traveled to Bahrain for the Navy... can I just say what a trip!!!  I had a blast getting my hands dirty working overseas.  It was so hot over there and surprisingly it got dark around 6pm maybe even closer to 5pm..  It was weird... and did I mention hot!  I wish I had a chance to get more pictures... I took my nice camera and everything but got stuck taking photos on the iphone in a moving vehicle. Ha! So here are a few pictures from Bahrain!

 This is the hotel pool... I of course didn't see this until the last day :)

 This is a bridge they were working on. 
I took the picture bc it was so weird seeing the construction

While I was over there I did get a virus and I  got really sick.  I spent a couple of days locked inside the hotel room... ugh.  It was awful being sick overseas...  They gave me a shot :(  I had a temp over 102... They also gave me 5 different medications... thankfully they wrote the directions on the bottle it was hard to keep up with.

Lol- but at least I had breakfast in bed :) The flight back was the longest flight of my life... 17 hours on a plane.  I am soooo glad to back in the states... Although I am currently sick again because I came home to a sick husband and I caught whatever he had... Hopefully I will get into a routine with the blog.

This week I am getting down HALLOWEEN!!!  I have pictures of the Warrior Dash my husband signed us up for the day after I got back.  (talk about painful) and I will have pictures of this weekend, we have the Color Me Rad 5k and a Ball (not the Navy Ball that is the following week) It will be fun, keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So tomorrow makes it one week down!!! The building above "Estabrook" is probably not going to be around when our children go to the University of Tennessee.  It is a very old building and continually needs upgrades.  Rumor has it that when the new building for Engineering is built this building will be torn down, which is kinda sad because this is one of the first building on campus, so much history!!!

Motivation to start working on my thesis is lacking... to say the less... my office is still not finished... I haven't been feeling that well lately and have found myself going to bed at 9pm.  The work schedule for Patrick and I has finally worked out at the same time... 7:30 am Patrick has to be in class and I have to be in the computer lab for work.  It is weird for both of us getting up and making coffee together.  

As for the rest of this week.  I hope to show you what I have done to my dinning room table, maybe one recipe I have tried, and some goals for the weekend!!! I hope everyone has a great week!!! See ya soon!  

Friday, August 24, 2012


So for those who didn't know... Molly (my cousin) has started her last year in High School!! She's getting so old and I am so happy for her!! It made me think of all of my high school friends; some married, some with children, and some don't live in Knoxville anymore.  It made me think of all of my friends I have had over the years.

I don't know if everyone has those friends, that when you pick up the phone and call them they act like you have talked to them everyday.  They don't judge you for being busy, or not wanting to talk to anyone.  They are so happy to hear from you they don't even give you a hard time about how long it has been.  I am the worst about keeping up with everyone in my life and I am so thankful to have so many of those people in my life. 

I often think of them, maybe I will post on their Facebook pages, but never really have time to have long telephone convos or trips to take to visit them.  My friends that I have are amazing... in the fact that they don't mind this and love me just the way I am.  It is hard to keep up with everyone from Ole Miss, to Navy buddies, even the ones in Town.  I have a full load everyday with family, school, working, research, clubs, working out, feeding my husband (he eats a lot), and taking care of my hairy children.  On top of all of that, I took up the hobby of writing this blog... which isn't my best work but a work in progress!  I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of my amazball friends and for understanding that our lives are always going to be busy... it isn't how often I see or call you that counts, it's the fact that when you need me I will be there!  Love you guys and I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and the weather!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

IKEA Desk!!!

Patrick and I built our IKEA desk with the help of some red wine!!!  We had to rebuild it when we noticed the legs were going the wrong direction.... it was pretty fun. Needless to say, wine helps every project.... kinda :)


IKEA has had these legs for some time... it seems like every time my mother and I make a trip down there, they are out of stock.  Do you blame them these legs are amazing!!! I love this desk!! 

Final Product!!!! Love it! I will show you more of the office when I get everything finished up!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Mr. Darcy

So last week I introduced you to Ms. Georgiana, now it's time for my biggest baby Mr. Darcy.  He's a Lancer Newfoundland and he will be turning four on Sept. 11th. this year.  The picture above is him as a puppy.  When I met Darcy he was sleeping in his current owners house, all of the other puppies where jumping up and down getting their licks in and he was just chilled out in the corner sleeping.  When I went over there to introduce myself to him, he fell in love.  From that moment on, he followed me everywhere... and I fell in love with him.  My husband is sometimes jealous of how much Darcy loves me.  My husband will be playing with him, but if mom leaves... "Sorry Dad gotta run!" There is no such thing as a dogs love.  I am spoiled :)

This is my puppy now, the past couple of summers he has found the only way to beat the heat is by getting into the pool.  Because of this I decided this summer was the first summer that I had to shave him, him getting in and out of the pool... was painful with all that hair.  He looked goofy to say the least but at least he is cool.  (I promised I wouldn't post a picture with his haircut)

Now because he is shaved down he has taken to sleeping on the bed... I need a bigger bed!!

I hope you all have a great weekend, stay cool! I know I am going to enjoy my last weekend before school starts.  Wish me luck on finding good deals at IKEA :) 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Motivational Monday!!

This is an exciting week!! Amanda Taylor Luallen is having her baby!!! Her and her family have been friends for a long time, I knew her in high school.  I knew her when she was having boy trouble and I was their when she got married to her love of her life, Jeff!  Now they are having their first baby and she will be here by the end of this week!!!  This is very exciting, the first of the peeps to have a baby :) we are going to have to have mini peep initiation!! 

I haven't been carrying a baby all summer, but I have been in school and it finally came to an end last week!!!  It is looking like a 4.0 for 9 hours!  Yes!!  For one of my classes, our final project was too write a paper about a solution for the Rwandan people's drinking water.  In Africa people are volunteering to build wells, they are currently working on 200 wells in Rwanda, out of the 200 wells, 45 of them are contaminated.  They were looking for quick, easy solutions to this problem.  Long story short, my paper was one selected to be forward to Rwanda!!  Yeah!!! So summer school was not too bad after all!!

Another thing I learned during summer school is how to make dumplings.  Below is a picture of my professor, Dr. Han, helping us to make them! 

The Olympics came to an end this weekend as well, looking good for the United States of America!!! Great job to all of our athletes!!

It has been a great summer!! Sooooo with only one more full week before Fall semester starts what will my goal be this week besides... relaxing and hanging out with all my friends who are coming back into town for school.

Goals for the week:
1. Get the house ready for the semester, finishing small projects
2. Get myself ready for the semester, buying books and engineering paper
3. Do something fun, a trip to IKEA on Friday sounds like the trick.
4. Rearrange my bedroom... Rearranging furniture always makes me feel accomplished.
5. Go on a date with my husband!! (need some good ideas there)
6. Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy the last couple days of nothing due, nothing to study, nothing to research, nothing stressing myself out. I love school so much, but a break from it sounds amazing!!

Get motivated this week, with the temperatures dropping (at least here) it's starting to feel like fall.  Start looking at fashion for the fall, look at possible halloween costumes (before we know it it'll be here), and start watching ESPN!! 

You can do anything you put your mind too. Have a great week!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Georgiana (:

So... still at the parents... because there is still no electricity at the condo!!!  The electrician decided yesterday that he wanted all of the money up front.... and the voice in my head said.. NO sketchy!! Today we are at square one... looking at all new options and having to go with a more expensive quote because the cheapest wasn't reliable.  

So today I am going to introduce you to my kitty, Georgiana! 
Why did I name her Georgiana because those that know me know I love Pride and Prejudice and my first son (Newfoundland pup) is named Mr. Darcy.  Those that also love P&P know Georgiana is Mr. Darcy's sister. When we found out Georgie was a girl, there was no doubt in my mind what her name was going to be!!! 

The reason I choose to talk about her today is because she has decided last night it would be fun to swat at my eyelashes, or maybe she was saying my breath was bad.. either way it was a long night.

 Georgiana -Sleeping.
 Georgiana helping with homework... or she thinks
 Still..... "Helping"
 Georgiana watching TV.... one of her favorite things to do
 Mr. Darcy taking care of kitty at the vet... probably one of the dumbest ideas I have ever had... "Can I schedule both of my pets for the same vet visit?" Add that the the list of.. NEVER DO AGAIN lol!
 More sleeping... this time held in the baby position.
Trouble Maker! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sunny days.. counting down

<--- My Brother's amazing adorable baby!!!

Yesterday was the last day of summer school.  I took three grad classes this past summer... it wasn't as awful as it sounds.  The semester coming up, was going to be full because I was going to push for an early graduation in December.  That will not happen anymore (Thanks Navy)... I have to go to Bahrain in the middle of the semester and it would be nearly impossible to finish my thesis and get it approved... SOOO sadly I will be sitting in the stands and watch all of my wonderful friends graduate!!!  I will just have to postpone my hard work award... for May.

There is an upside to this... I do not have to sweat through this semester.. instead I can throw football parties for away games, tailgate for home games, and watch even more football!!! I love football!!! The summer is coming to a close but that only means good things: Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are around the corner!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Motivational Monday (on Tuesday shh!)

It's Tuesday... I am behind already this week... So today Patrick and I will finally have our power fixed (fingers crossed). It has been an hasel, seriously so lucky to have my parents near  to move into, two weeks with no AC and outside temps in the 100s.... I'll pass!  

Back to Motivational Monday, on Tuesday. This post has a picture of my mother standing behind a beautiful baseball table.  If you haven't met my mother she is very talented... in everything. She throws the best parties and knows how to make any special event even more special!  She works from 5:30 in the morning until 11 at night, with million of different projects. She thinks of writing thank you cards and drops off gifts for her friends when they are sick.  She thinks of everyone before herself.  I wish I was more like her... so that brings me to my first goal!!
This week, I will find a little project (re-paint my desk and organize my office) and complete it by next Monday!!!! (not Tuesday :) ha!)

Every Monday think of at least one goal that you would like to achieve that week, before we know it we will have clean houses, happy family and friends and it will be hard to think of something simple to achieve in a week. Hope you all join me!! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Running a Marathon!

I am seeing some early mornings in the future... On my bucket list is to run one full marathon.  I have ran a few half marathons, 10ks, 5ks, and a sprint triathlon... but never have I achieved a full marathon.  

The date is set April 27th 2013
Nashville Country Music Marathon
26.2 Miles

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Beginning!

The time as come... it is time to get back into blogging.  I have been so busy with school that this has fallen behind, so why not just erase and start over.  My husband and I  (see above) got married June 18th 2011, and were long distance until April.  Now that we have a few months under our belts together... it's become really fun having your best friend with you EVERYDAY!! At first it was hard, I couldn't sleep, he was hot or moved to much... my quiet time disappeared... my bathroom was taken over... but I learned that having your best friend home to let you vent, love on, and support you is so awesome :) I love Patrick more and more everyday! 

Enough cheesiness... I am not hoping to accomplish anything from this blog just to keep track of pictures, events, condo updates, and letting my friends and family know more and more about what's going on in Knoxville Tn.  Love you all and apologize ahead of time of my poor English (I am dyslexic cut me a break)!!!