Thursday, December 6, 2012

Patrick's Gone Quick Get Christmas Out!!

My Christmas humbug is at a conference for work!!!  I have tried for many years to get him in the spirit of Christmas. I have bought the cutest Christmas Kate Spade plates, Santa Martini Glasses, Santa Christmas mugs for coffee/hot coco, new drink recipes, peppermint bark, cookies, more candy and that man... still doesn't get in the mood.  Sooo, while he is awhile, I will be play Christmas Music and watch Christmas Movies all while I am getting the condo ready for Christmas!!!!!

Yet To Do

1. Tree - it's lite already just have to hang all the ornaments
2. Outside - Have to get the outside garland down from the attic and decorate
3. Card/Pictures - Have to get my Christmas Cards together, find a few year favorite pictures to put together!
4. Presents Wrapped - I am 80% done with this task!!! I only have one more gift to buy... which I can take care of right now!!! 
5. Stuff the stockings - Gifts for the kids (Mr. Darcy and Georgie and Patrick)
6. Go to the Store for last minute Kitchen supplies for cookies!!!

Patrick might be gone for only 3 days but by the time he gets back he won't know what hit him... maybe he will be so excited I will catch him humming a Christmas song :)

Everyone - The count down to Christmas has begun!!!! Try to enjoy everyday because this month always flies by and before you know it we have to plan the New Year Eve Party!!!! 

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